Why SEO Is Important For Your Local Business

Updated: Apr 15

Want to give your local business a boost?

If you do, SEO is the way to go.

Still not convinced?

Then, keep reading to find out why!

Search Engine Optimization is not a new term in today's world.

With the digitalization of businesses, more emphasis is laid on SEO.

However, there's a misconception that it is needed only by the online business -local businesses don't require it as much. But in reality, SEO is important for all kinds of businesses.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO is the method of driving more traffic to a website in terms of both quality and quantity.

It aims at increasing the visibility of a business and helps it to reach a potential

audience through the organic search engine results.

SEO is not just about the search engines, it’s about the people as well.

It's all about the needs and requirements of your potential customers.

With the help of search engine optimization, you get to know what people are searching for, what specific words they are using, what kind of content they wish for, etc...

All these factors help you to connect with your audience in a better way which in turn increases your profitability.

In short, using SEO, you can provide your services to people who are dependent on online search results.

SEO is a two-faced coin, one side of it stresses knowing the requirements of the audience, and the other focuses on delivering it in the way web crawlers find as well as understand it.

Some Basics of Search engine

A search engine is the first thing we reach out to, to know the answers to every possible question we come across.

It uses web crawlers to search and sift through millions of pieces of content and deliver the result which suits best to our query.

This process of sifting through the web is known as "crawling and indexing".

By using it, search engines perform cataloging and discovering of all forms of content on the internet.

This content can be web pages, images, videos, PDFs, etc.

After that, the related results are displayed in an ordered form which is known as


The higher the rank, the more will be the visibility and traffic!

What Are Organic Search Results?

Organic search results are the non-paid results.

These are gained through search engine optimization and not by some paid advertising.

Spotting the organic search results used to be easy as they used to be listed just below the labeled ads. But as the search engine scenario has changed, spotting the organic results got a bit tricky.

In today's time, the search engine result pages or SERPs contain both paid ads and organic results which is much different from the way they were displayed earlier.

Let's go through a few examples: the 'snippets', images, 'People Also Ask' boxes, etc. are some of the new features of SERP which are mainly focused on what people are looking for and the type of data they want to consume.

For instance, if you search for "upcoming sports events", you’ll see all the upcoming sports events directly in the SERP instead of the links that have the information about the sports events.

Similarly, if you search "SEO services Ottawa" or "SEO Ottawa", you will see a local pack result that contains all the SEO services in Ottawa.

Convenient, isn't it?

One more important thing you should always keep in mind is that the search engines earn from advertising.

Their main goals are to solve the queries of people, encourage them to come back and stay longer on the SERPs.

Some of the search engine result pages on Google are purely organic and can be affected by SEO. Some of these include 'People May Ask' boxes, featured snippets, etc.

However, there are some SERP features that can't be influenced by SEO even after being non-paid.

These include the features that use the data from patented data sources like WebMD, Wikipedia, and IMDb.

Why SEO is important for local businesses?

It’s true that websites can generate traffic through paid advertising and social media platforms but a huge chunk of the quality traffic is generated by the search engines only.

It’s worth noting that the organic results are more effective than the paid results as they cover more sources, are more credible to the searchers, and are clicked more than paid ones.

In essence, SEO generates 20 times more engagement than PPC on both desktop and smartphones.

SEO is the best and the only opportunity, when used correctly, that can pay you continuously over time.

When you provide high-quality content that ranks for the precise keywords, your traffic will keep on increasing and so will your profitability.

On the contrary, paid ads demand a huge amount of your money for directing traffic to your website.

Undoubtedly, search engines are getting sharper and smarter, but they're still dependent on us.

By optimizing your site, you can deliver better content to the search engines so your information can be ranked properly and displayed to the potential audience within the search results.

Should I hire an SEO agency, expert, or consultant?

Depending on the size and complexity of your business, you can either perform the SEO on your own or hire professionals if you're not familiar with the concepts.

If you're going with the latter option and seeking professional SEO help, you should know that there are many digital marketing agencies and experts that

provide SEO solutions in Ottawa but can vary in terms of quality.

Hence, you should select the right SEO agency or consultant to save your money and get better quality services.

Selecting the wrong company would cost you both money and time and you'll never be able to see any good results.

What's even worse?

Your existing rank may also drop!

Always remember, SEO is an investment, not an expense. It adds equity to your brand. So, select the right SEO company and give a much-needed boost to your business.

Feel free to leave any questions and/or comments below!