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The MVA: Minimum Viable Audience

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Who's it for?
What's it for?
What change is it meant to create?

We've been brainwashed to believe we need to target the largest audience. The bigger the crowd, the more people will be interested in our thing, the more leads & customers we'll get, and the more successful we'll be.
And that's the point - MORE.

We've been 'brainwashed' since the early 1900's. And they've been at it for (what I believe to be) a simple reason.

When the industrial revolution occured, men built factories. They perfected a new concept called "the assembly line".
They were now able to create widgets en masse. Faster, cheaper, and more readily available.

With this came to next problem - distribution.
"We're making all this stuff, now we need people to sell it to".
So modern marketing & advertising was born.

They tried every trick in the book to convince us we NEED stuff to be happy. And don't get me wrong.... there WAS a time when we needed stuff. But once our needs were met, we were convinced we 'needed' our 'wants'.

Big ads directed at the masses tries to sell the generic stuff that had been previously pumped out of the factory.

Well my friends, I'm sure you may have noticed recently that the times have changed.
The creation of the internet has fragmented the "masses" into a billion little pieces.

As Seth Godin says, and I paraphrase: "People think the internet is a mass market, but it's actually the aggregation of infinite niche segments..."

To reach the majority of people, you have to create something polished, or generic.

To reach a "hot market" of buyers, you have to solve their unique problem(s). They must believe you can solve their problem(s).
Otherwise, you're ignored.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

- Who's it for? Drill down the attributes, tendencies, wants & needs of the smallest audience, where you can still be profitable.
- What's it for? What problem are you hoping to solve for this audience?
- What change do you(and your audience) wish to make in the world? 

Rome wasn't built in a day.
We have 120 years of bad habits to shed. Keep at it!

The Rockford Polka Dancers Group has never been marketed to by all your competitors, and they're craving to hear from you.
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