Strategic Branding For A Coffee Company | Tap into a unique market

Updated: Apr 15

I, as the coffee company, am known for craftsmanship and support for the arts.

Choose a specific audience:

It's for the 35-year-old independent artist who is constantly innovating.

This artist cares about individuality and creativity. They're not concerned with earthly possessions, and they're 'artists' because they wanna give back to the World, rather than take from it.

The change they seek to make:

The coffee company in question is tired of the bureaucratic overreach. They are aware that this World is rapidly changing for the best, and are aware that more people just want to be happy.

The 'rat race' and the 'American Dream' have had their time but now, during this 'Awakening', art will save the World.

They hope to encourage the pursuit of true happiness in the lives of their fellow man - not the capitalist, material craving of old. They want people to realize that there are more important things in life than school>career>retirement.

Their audience's worldview:


The artist's dream is to make people feel something so positive, and impactful that it awakens something inside of them, and pulls them into exploring newfound happiness. Ultimately, it's to have people see the World in a different light than what we're conditioned to.


They want to have all the time and inspiration in the World so they may create as much as possible. They want access to materials, spaces, networking opportunities (promoters, influencers), presentation opportunities (galleries & exhibitions), access to large audiences of 'spectators'.


They believe in beauty. They believe in forces stronger than the 5 senses. They believe in the power of emotions. They believe in the subconscious and the spiritual.

Now that we've painted a good picture of WHO we seek to serve and their worldviews, we'll need to figure out what kind of problem(s) they're having and offer a solution.

The problem can be as trivial as constantly finding coffee grounds in their cup of joe. The fine-grind coffee passes right through the filter of their french press and ends up in their cup.

It's frustrating to see little black pellets swirling in their most important drink of the day. This insignificant occurrence is enough to set the artist's day off on a note of frustration - and that's NOT GOOD for the art!

Enter a solution.

The coffee company can introduce a 'french press blend'. This is the pre-ground coffee we see being sold already. The difference is that this blend is not ground as much as the 'fine-grind' kind. (say that 3x fast)

We know that some people prefer ground coffee to whole bean, for whatever personal reason. Maybe it's a speed or convenience thing. Maybe I don't have a grinder. Maybe it's laziness.

Having slightly larger coffee grinds has a few advantages.

  • Firstly, you're reaching a niche market - probably overlooked by all coffee companies out since data shows this market as too small.

  • Secondly, you probably save energy and time in the processing/packaging queue.

  • Thirdly, solving a very specific problem builds evangelism - the customer (in this case the artist) feels heard and understood in a way no one has demonstrated before, which can result in not only loyalty but the spreading of your company's praises to other 'french pressers'.

To take it one step further, I'd offer to donate a portion of the proceeds to an artistic organization (or create my own). You could also sponsor an artistic venue, to meet them where they are. I feel confident in saying artists like to support other artist's work.

The 'network effect' is created when they talk amongst themselves at the next art exhibit or convention.

While I'm not a coffee company, I'm only assuming all the above is possible.

Also, this is one of many possibilities.

If this is something you might be interested in implementing, simply leave a comment below or contact me.