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Simplified | How To Get Real Estate Leads From Craigslist In 2021

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

There are definitely flashier and easier-to-navigate real estate sites on the web than Craigslist. Still, customers are drawn to Craigslist due to the fact that it's totally free, it's seen more like a peer-to-peer marketplace, and it's created to link purchasers with sellers directly.

Questioning how to get real estate leads from Craigslist?

Well, many representatives can't profit from Craigslist due to the fact that they do not understand the methods essential to record these confidential internet browsers and really turn them into customers.

In this post, we'll stroll you through how to get your listings (or any listings, for that matter) in front of interested purchasers, and how to transform those 'lookers' into agreements.

Your new real estate lead generation secret weapon...

The Basics Of Craigslist

Craigslist is a site for digital classified advertisements where users can offer and purchase anything from toasters to TVs, race automobiles to real estate.

On your regional Craigslist page, you can search for or publish a task, sign up with neighborhood discussions, look for services, or purchase and offer almost anything (legal) under the sun.

Seriously, if you have not been on Craigslist prior to, spend some time poking around-- it's quite wild.

For the functions of this discussion, we're interested in the "Housing" area of Craigslist, particularly, "Real Estate For Sale."

Here, individuals produce ads marketing houses, apartments, property, and whatever in between for sale.

These can be advertisements produced by sellers who are attempting to offer FSBO-Style, or by brokers and representatives attempting to get their listing in front of another audience.

What kind Of Leads Will I Be Able To Generate From Craigslist?

For most parts, purchaser leads.

The majority of individuals who are skimming the listings on Craigslist are trying to find a home to acquire. Individuals who are publishing are the ones who have a home to offer.

There's a method for catching seller leads from Craigslist, however more on that later on.

The leads you're going to get on Craigslist are purchasers who have an interest in properties you've got noted for sale.

Catching a purchaser lead for your own listing is an excellent method to "Double-Dip" a deal, getting both sides of the commission.

If you don't have any leads at the moment, don't fret! You can always try to go to your broker or top performers in your office and ask them to market their listing since most agents wouldn't mind more eyeballs on their locations.

Keep in mind, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Code of Ethics needs that you reveal the name of the brokerage through which a property is noted, and it likewise forbids developing the impression that a listing is yours if it isn't. With listing representative (and broker) approval, you're welcome to market another listing in pursuit of purchasers.

How To Get Real Estate Leads From Craigslist: The Post

Publishing a real estate listing on Craigslist (the primary step to really getting a lead) is simple. Here's the play-by-play:

1- Go to and pick your regional page

2- Discover the "Housing" category on the Homepage and click "Real Estate For Sale"

3- In the Top Right-Hand corner, click "Post".

4- When asked what kind of post you're making, choose "Housing Offered".

5- In your Category, choose "Real Estate - By Broker".

6- Consent to the Craigslist Terms of Service.

7- Fill in the Required Listing Information.

8- Include some pictures of the Property.

9- Verify your Listing's place on the Map.

10- Evaluation of your Listing and Publish.

Producing a listing takes less than 5 minutes, however, a lot of representatives lose out on the opportunities that in fact turn Craigslist (CL) into an active Lead Generator.

Here are the 7 things you can do to take your Craigslist prospecting strategy to the next level.

How To Get Real Estate Leads From Craigslist: The Strategy

Let's go into how you can optimize your converting leads.

1- Create An Account (do not publish as a 'guest')

Posting on Craigslist is simple. Super simple.

So simple, in reality, that you can do it without even signing up for an account on the website. This is typically the very first error that Real Estate agents make.

On Craigslist, posts are shown on the page Newest to Oldest. Unlike on platforms (like Facebook), where an algorithm is customizing what you see based upon your habits, Likes, and Dislikes, everybody sees whatever, based upon when it was published.

Users with a Craigslist account can quickly visit and see every post they presently have active on the website. With a couple of clicks, they can restore their listing (an alternative readily available 48 hours after your listing goes live) so that it gets pressed back to the top of the Craigslist feed.

Users without an account can likewise restore their posts, however, to do so, they'll require to hunt through their inbox for the e-mail they got when they finished the preliminary post and dive through hoops to validate that the post was really theirs whenever they wish to upgrade, modify, or restore - a lengthy and tiresome procedure.

Having an account enables you to restore all your advertisements from a single screen with simply a number of clicks.

2- Write a Great Headline

Through years of experience composing material for websites, making social media posts, and crafting emails, I understand that if a heading does not get your attention, you simply aren't going to click.

The exact same goes for Craigslist.

The majority of representatives utilize average headings like, "For Sale: 345 Main Street."

This heading may inform us of the address, however, it does not provide us a factor to click through.

Rather, attempt something like: "SPECTACULAR Four Bedroom Grantham Home Just Listed For Sale".

This heading utilizes a fancy adjective ("spectacular"), it explains a physical function ("4-bed rooms"), calls out a prominent community ("Grantham"), and includes a reason to act fast ("just listed").

Many internet browsers of Craigslist are scrolling fairly rapidly through the listings page.

It's going to get disregarded if your heading does not stand out.

Still not positive in your heading capabilities?

Take a look at these headline analyzers to get some feedback on your headings.

headline analyzer
Sharethrough's Headline Analyzer is quite good!

3- Write Wonderful, Encouraging Ad Copy

Ad copy on Craigslist is stealthily crucial. Here's why.

On a common MLS listing, you've got classifications of searchable info that a home buyer can arrange by square footage, acreage, bedrooms, bathrooms, town, design, and so on.

And while some of these measurements are searchable on Craigslist, a lot of searchers aren't utilizing them.

This indicates that your ad copy needs to show all of the most crucial info for a listing, and do it in such a way that will attract your reader to get more information.

There's a great line when it pertains to Craigslist ad copy-- you wish to supply adequate info that a purchaser has an interest in the home, however, you do not wish to offer a lot that they can make their choice on whether to see the home without very first talking with you.

Here's a quick example of great CL ad copy:

"If you're trying to find a great home on the west side of the city, you've discovered it.

123 Main Street is an almost brand-new home (built in 2018) that comes total with state-of-the-art surfaces throughout, consisting of marble countertops in the bathroom and kitchen, maple wood floorings on the large very first floor, and luxurious Berber carpet with a double-thick pad upstairs.

" With 4 bedrooms and 3 complete baths, this home has enough space for families of any shape or size. Step outside into your fenced yard and invest some time on the recently laid patio area when it's time to unwind.

" To see more images, find out more about this property, learn any unique purchaser incentives the seller might be offering, and to book a showing, text or call today.".

This ad copy is clear, interesting, and paints a photo of the experience of living in the home, not simply unbiased information. The objective is to encourage a reader to wish to discover more, which is what we're going to carry out in Strategy # 4.

Not much of an author?

We discovered lots of extremely skilled Craigslist Advertisement Experts on Fiverr who can compose all the material for you, some beginning as low as simply 5 dollars.

4- Create A Clear Call-To-Action

Craigslist's terms of service make it so the normal call to action real estate advertisements (something like, "Visit our site to read more about this home and to arrange a showing!") isn't enabled.

You're not even enabled to consist of a hyperlinked URL in the ad copy itself and trying to navigate this guideline (like stating "copy and paste this URL to read more") are foolproof methods to get your advertisement flagged.

Due to the fact that this is the case (URLs being disabled), this obstruction is another spot where real estate representatives stumble with Craigslist. But I've got the answer for you.

You are permitted to consist of a contact number with your listing; in reality, you're motivated to do so.

When developing your ad copy, utilize an expression like, "Text or call me to read more about this home, including any unique rewards the seller might be providing, and to establish a showing...".

By making the call-to-action a text or a call, you provide your purchasers alternatives, depending upon their seriousness and convenience level.

5- Include The RIGHT Pictures - Not ALL Of Them

Craigslist advertisements without images resemble a Ferrari without wheels. Sure, there's a really fast car there, however truthfully, who drives a Ferrari without the wheels?

A lot of internet browsers will not "do something about it", or take a desired action on an advertisement unless they have some visual to support your ad copy, so select the very best listing images you've got and include them similarly to how you would on your MLS listing.

Stop short of including all the pictures though.

We recommend just consisting of 5 to 7 pictures. With that method, you can give your prospects one more reason to text or call you for access to the remainder of the property images.

how to get real estate leads
Include a few great pictures, but not all of them. Give them one more reason to call or text.

6- Plan Your Renewal And Reposting Flow

Keep in mind back in Strategy # 1 when we informed you about how simple it is to restore your advertisement if you've got a Craigslist account?

It's simple, however, only efficient if you really do it.

Craigslist advertisements are shown latest to the earliest, so in order to remain at the top of the feed, you've got to continuously be revitalizing your advertisements.

Set aside some time every early morning to work on Craigslist things. When you log into your account, you'll see which of your advertisements are qualified for renewal.

The reason we recommend refraining from doing more is that Craigslist has some automatic tracking in place to flag spam accounts.

You might 'activate' one of those safeguards and have to begin all over with a brand-new account if your renewal volume gets too high.

Set a suggestion on your calendar to eliminate and recreate posts after 21 days.

The majority of the web browsers on Craigslist are repeat audiences, which means, they return to the website day after day to try to find something brand-new.

Seeing it at the top of the feed once again is most likely not going to set off a call or text if they clicked on your advertisement however didn't convert.

A brand-new advertisement (for the very same property) with a brand-new heading, some brand-new pictures (another excellent factor not to publish all the images at once), and some revitalized ad copy might, which makes the reposting of an advertisement an important method for properties that aren't getting numerous leads right out of the gate.

7- Have A Stable Lead Conversion Strategy In Place

You've produced an account and published a beautiful advertisement with all the best images and appealing ad copy.

Now what?

Now you're required to really transform the leads you got into customers.

The majority of the leads you'll see from Craigslist are high-funnel purchasers, normally in the "Just Looking" stage of their real estate journey.

This can be annoying to some real estate representatives, however, you ought to enjoy it. Here's why:

Typically, these early-stage purchasers have not spoken with a mortgage lender or a real estate representative. They do not understand what they desire - but they feel they wish to look. This provides you a chance to value expertise early in their journey, sealing yourself as a relied-on resource and partner in their objective.

What Do You Do When A Lead Calls Or Texts?

When somebody calls or texts you from a Craigslist advertisement, do not postpone supplying that value. Ask them for their email so you can send them all the extra listing information. This does 2 things: First, it gets you an email to add to their customer profile. The 2nd thing it does is get them into a standard "lead ecosystem" where you can handle them along with other leads in your customer relationship manager (CRM).

Ask For A Showing

Next, right away ask if they'd like to arrange a showing. Often a little momentum is all it requires to press the "Lookers" into being "Shoppers." This provides you a space to ask if they've been preapproved (if they have not, it provides you a chance to make a recommendation to a mortgage lender you like), and to continue the discussion about what they're trying to find in a home.

Start The Long-Term Relationship Strategy

If you get an e-mail address from the lead, set them up to get automatic notifications from your site of houses in the location that match the standard requirements of the property they inquired on.

Prior to you triggering the "drip", shoot them a message and state something like

"I was simply doing a search on my site for properties for another customer (a signal that you're an effective representative with a high-functioning site), and I saw some houses that I believed you may like too.

I've set you up on a property alert for houses like these; do not hesitate to let me know if you desire me to change the requirements or pause it at any time".

This permits you to develop a flow of routine contact with the lead, which then provides you a reason to check in every few couples of weeks to see if there's anything you can do.

Need Help With Relationship Management?

The secret to success with any real estate list-building technique (not simply Craigslist) corresponds to nurturing and follow-up.

There are great deals of manner ins which real estate representatives tackle this, however, the most reliable and effective method is to utilize a CRM.

how to get the most leads from craigslist real estate
HubSpot is a great CRM that let's you get started for free.

Bonus Tip

This short article has actually been everything about recording purchaser leads - what you'll discover most on Craigslist. There's a method for recording listing leads too.

Keep in mind, there are a LOT of FSBO posts on Craigslist. The majority of these FSBOs consist of a contact number for more details, and almost everybody provides e-mail as a contact alternative.

You can work these FSBOs similar to any other, however, we recommend beginning with a fast comparative market analysis (CMA) of their property (chances are you can get the majority of the information you require from their Craigslist advertisement) so that in your preliminary discussion with them, you can offer them a concept of the worth of their property.

If you create a number significantly different than what they're listing their home for (even if it is much lower), you've got an opening to get the discussion began.

Quick Recap

Craigslist is a great place to get real estate leads that convert because, for the most part, they're BUYER leads. Most people scrolling through CL are people with a home to sell. Using the above strategy will certainly show you how to get real estate leads from Craigslist.

  • Be sure to follow the 10 steps in creating a winning post on CL.

  • Make sure you maximize on converting your leads by doing the following 7 steps:

  1. Create An Account

  2. Write A Winning Headline

  3. Write Excellent Ad Copy

  4. Create A Clear CTA

  5. Include The Right Pictures - Not ALL Of Them

  6. Plan A Renewal & Reposting Flow

  7. Have A Stable Lead Conversion Strategy

  • Use tools to help with relationship management.

  • Unlock a hidden goldmine of seller leads.

I'd love to hear what you thought about this post - tell me in the comments below.

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