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"I'm Accounting On It!" - How Strategic Branding Works For An Accounting Firm

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

I, as the accounting firm, stand for servitude and impact.

This is for:

It's for the local business owner with 3 to 10 employees.

This entrepreneur, like me, cares about genuinely serving people and wants to have a positive impact on their community.

What We Do:

The business owner in question hates the traditional stigma of greedy, penny-pinching, stingy ownership and believes in generosity and philanthropy.

He wants to be very smart and savvy with his money so he can rely on giving back as much as possible.

He genuinely serves his employees and clients with honest, quality service, and donates to local charities as much as he can.

The Dream:

Be such a successful, and fast-growing company so he can take care of his employees really well, but more importantly, be able to give more time and money to organizations he deems necessary.

The Desire:

He wants to grow his business from a single location to multiple locations spread throughout the nation.

He wants to be the biggest company in his niche and for all the right reasons. He wants a reputation and prestige similar to Rolex.

The Beliefs:

He believes that giving is good for karma. He believes that by giving to others, he'll automatically receive - and feel fulfilled.

He believes in treating others the way he would want to be treated. He believes money is a tool - not to be hoarded.

Now that we've painted a good picture of WHO we seek to serve, and what they want to achieve (as well as their worldviews), we'll need to figure out what kind of problem(s) he's having and offer a solution.

Maybe it's as simple as his sister-in-law is doing the books now but isn't very good at it. She was given the job as a favour to his wife but doesn't see his vision as he does. She's good, not terrible, but good. He knows he needs to find a professional if he hopes to reach his dreams.

Whereas every other accounting firm in town is targeting any and all businesses, we're laser-focused. So our entrepreneur may have been overlooked by all our competitors.

The way we stand out to him and convey a will to serve and have a positive impact on his business is open to be explored, but here's ONE idea:

We know he has a major need for contribution (perhaps even significance), so I'd put together a hefty 'report' or document with 50 ways he can:

  1. save money (cut expenses without compromising on quality, save on taxes, streamline payroll, avoid unnecessary fees, etc) and

  2. earn more money (if possible to display from an accounting point of view) with the information I have access to.

Once I have that, I'd layout, in the simplest steps possible, a simple blueprint to creating a non-profit/charitable organization of his own. I'd then propose he has a small "cocktail event" at his location where he may invite surrounding local businesses to attend in an attempt to raise donations for this new charitable organization.

This helps increase his status as a charitable man who cares about his community (assuming the organization is raising funds for a local cause) and of having a positive impact on his community.

Surrounding local businesses all of a sudden have "silent permission" to be more involved - the way they always wished they could be.

Turn this "cocktail event" into a yearly occurrence and it becomes somewhat of a social signal that you're a local company that cares, which means a potential increase in attendance year on year.

The 'network effect' is developed when a person in the community is trying to raise funds for a cause and approaches our entrepreneur for help. They will then go out and tell everyone they know to get involved or participate.

It's a win-win.

While I'm not an accountant, I'm only assuming all the above is possible. Also, this is one of many possibilities.

If this is something you might be interested in implementing, simply leave a comment below or contact me.


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