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How Branding Helps Consumers

We've all been there... we wait in line for, or wait until the release date of, this new shiny widget we've see the hype for... only to be let down when it didn't fulfill the anticipated promise.

"Why would they market it that way if it doesn't f**king deliver!" I've been there.

It's a simple answer. The brand or company selling you the dream isn't worried about what you think - they're worried about creating an increase in profit for shareholders. Period. Doing that effectively means a nice year-end bonus. For them.

Branding works by selling you the idea, or emotion, owning and utilizing a certain product or service will offer. It's a promise of future potential. And it's an art more than a science.

Branding is way more than colours, fonts, and web pages. Branding is done by entrepreneurs as well as artists and designers. Branding is THE ONLY chance we have in 2021 and beyond.

We live in a time where our attention is fragmented. The vicious cycle of interruption marketing is reaching its boiling point. Plus, the small and medium businesses can't afford to behave like the big brands such as Walmart, Budweiser, and Hilton.

So how do we do it, exactly? How do we, as local enterprises, get to reach our audience and deliver quality goods and services? How do we genuinely serve others, and have a positive impact on their lives?

1- Find Your "Minimum Viable Audience". Rather than aim for the largest audience by interest (where exists all the competition), aim for the most viable and smallest (often overlooked and underserved) audience.

2- Find Your "Cabbit".

Rather than offer typical, generic, and boring products/services, implement a remarkable aspect - force them to tell their friends, family, acquaintances, and co-workers about the product or service they received from you.

3- Assemble Your "Tribe".

Turn strangers into friends, and friends into customers by getting permission to expose them to more of your offerings. Don't spam. Be cool. Give your followers a place to congregate and communicate amongst themselves.

How does branding help consumers?

It sets the table for what can be expected. It saves time, money, energy, and especially frustration. It allows one to feel confident and comfortable in choosing you. Best of all, it shows them you give a shit. And I believe we all need more time with people who give a shit.

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