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Branding For Photographers | The Perfect Exposure!

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

"Branding" is building a 'culture'. A culture is built when you focus on the intangibles - the emotions and values present in a prospect or customer when they think of you and your company.

A good branding strategy focuses on the tangibles - the metrics, the KPIs - as well as the intangibles.

In this example, I'm a photographer, and I stand for professionalism and innovation.

Of course, we want to be known for much more than just these 2, but in order to simplify this exercise, we make note of the two biggest, most important traits.

ChoosING a specific audience:

We're talking to small, local businesses who want team pictures but are afraid of looking too corporate. They are all about quality and professionalism, but also about creating a stress-free environment where they can let the creativity flow.

In this example, we'll be serving a small business that wants staff pictures that assume professionalism in a fun, light-hearted environment.

The change we seek to make:

As a local photographer, we want to expose the world around us - we see the good, the bad, and the ugly that exists everywhere, including here, but we care about the local community so we want to focus on displaying it from a new perspective.

We seek to capture our local community's spirit in a way we've not seen before - from a different angle. We seek to tell a different story, a better story, about our neighbourhood.

OUR audience's worldview:


The small business in question dreams of creating a space where world-changers come to collaborate. They dream of creating a 'think tank' environment that will allow their people's best work to flourish. They dream of changing the status quo of 'company culture'.


They want to create a positive change in their immediate surroundings. In order to have the support of their community, they want to visually display the energy and the vibe their team brings. They want to position themselves properly, publicly. They want a photographer who is professional but knows how to embody their values.


They believe in doing things the right way and having a positive impact on their community. They believe in hard work. They believe in exploring the edges and feeling empathy for those they seek to serve. They believe looks matter - they know we judge a book by its cover... it's human nature.

Now that we've painted a good picture of WHO we seek to serve and their worldviews, we'll need to figure out what kind of problem(s) they're having and offer a solution.

A company that characterizes itself as "professionals thinking outside of the box'', they wrestle with the idea that they also have to look professional if they want to be taken seriously, but they don't want to appear to be the 'stuffy suit-wearing' type. Their problem is how they're perceived.

As a solution to a perception problem, we as photographers can record a 'behind the scenes' filming of the photoshoot.

So while the team members are taking turns being photographed in their professional attire on a unique backdrop, a second person goes around and films short and interesting 'interviews' with these team members, asking them questions that demonstrate their 'out of the box' thought process.

The professional pictures will speak to their desire to appear professional, and the candid 'interviews' can be used as social media content to market themselves differently.

To take it one step further, I'd offer to 'donate' a few hours of my time if they are willing to appear in a local philantropic endeavour. So, if the small business who cares about having an impact in their community volunteers in any way, I'd offer to attend and take a few pictures and short videos, then hand them over for them to use as they wish. This isn't necessarily just a 'tactic' to get their business, but it's a form of goodwill and support toward those who seek to help others. It's a win-win-win.

The 'network effect' happens every time the small business in question's pictures and video are being seen/consumed, as well as whenever the philantropic act is on display.

While I'm not a photographer, I'm only assuming all the above is possible.

Also, this is just one of many possibilities.

If this is something you might be interested in implementing, simply leave a comment below or contact me.


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