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How To Do Online Advertising. Successfully

In A Nutshell: Attention, Leads, Offer, Follow-Up

Attention: Most people are motivated by the will to move away from pain, or move toward pleasure. It's that simple. By creating specific attention-grabbing creatives and content we're able to get a person to stop and give us a few seconds of their most precious commodity - time.
Being very clear on the motivating factor allows us to generate more engagement, decrease ad cost, and get more leads.

Leads: If you don't yet have brand recognition or trust from your marketplace, it makes sense to generate leads from your ads - those interested parties with whom you can follow up and create a bond. After all, we buy from those we know/like/trust. Want better quality leads?
Simplifying the lead generation process, and refining the messaging can result in much more quality leads generated, lowering ad costs, and improving sales goals.

Offer: A great way to increase advertising success is in creating a 'no-brainer offer'. That is, to offer something my prospect really wants. It doesn't necessarily need to be perfect, and it should address worries and concerns they might have. Give helpful information as it relates to their fears and concerns.

Crafting 'no-brainer' offers can be a great way to recoup advertising costs while building a relationship with new customers.

Follow-Up: The simple fact is that oftentimes, people aren't seeing your offer! Why? Because we're all so busy, and we're all so distracted. How do we get helpful information about fears and concerns out to them? By following up, of course!
Having an effective follow-up strategy is, in my opinion, the easiest and quickest way to reduce costs and exponentially increase revenue.

Brand Evangelism not only helps grab attention and generate awareness, increase your sales process, and identify and market to new, untapped markets but it activates the evangelists who go forth and praise your great name, converting everyone in their path!


Let me create a custom Brand Evangelism plan for you to implement whether we work together or not!