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If You Genuinely Care About Serving People And Want To Have A Positive Impact On Their Lives, You're In The Right Place At The Right Time.


about ME

From a very early age, I was privy to corporate sensationalism and manipulative marketing tactics (ok... I was unaware of the terminology or the concept perhaps, but I knew things were never as they seemed).

It really bugged me that soulless companies took advantage of us to sell merchandise.
I felt drawn to discovering a way to change all that - and to help the little guy, the small business who SERVES his community, dominate her field - thus rendering the big box stores obsolete.



I started consuming anything 'marketing'.
I read all the articles, books, and publications. I watched all the videos and webinars. I bought all the courses and training.

I shared my newfound knowledge with anyone who'd listen.
I got lucky and did a few jobs for friends and family. And now I get to do work for new friends like you.

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"We Only Want To Deal With Those We Know, Like, And Trust..."

Becoming The Leader

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