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How To Get More Visitors, Phone Calls, Leads, And Sales To Your Business Quickly And Effectively WITHOUT Spending A Penny On Ads…

(This Works Even If You’ve Tried Everything Else And Failed!)

According to Google, businesses with an optimized GMB profile and positive reviews receive 82% more requests for directions and 65% more clicks to their websites!

Plus, Google only showcases the top three GMB listings for local keyword searches like “hair salon near me.”


Ranking in the ‘Google 3 Pack’ requires having the most 5 star reviews and an optimized profile.

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The problem here is that all of our competitors have the same opportunity.

And because of Covid, we need sales and revenues to increase quickly, for as little money as possible, and it can’t take 6 months to accomplish.


We all know how tough Covid has been on SMBs.
A lot of people had to close up shop, some are hanging on by a thread, yet others (like the big guys) are thriving. And while our intentions are to genuinely serve people and have a positive impact on their lives, they also feel the squeeze from this pandemic.

This is the worst time to start being pushy or salesy, to start cold-calling or cold-emailing, and the best time to find a solution that works.


Luckily for you, there is such a solution.

And it’s called 'Google My Business'. Imagine being at the very top of the search results precisely when a solution-seeker is looking for your offer.
Imagine not having to spend hundreds of dollars a month on ads that don’t work to be there.

And imagine reaching that top spot in record time.

  • Showing up at the top of Google when a prospect is actively searching for your solution means they come to you, and you don’t have to advertise to them, preventing you from feeling like a pushy salesman.

  • Increasing phone calls, bookings, and visits increase revenue, which means a greater contribution to your communities.

  • Getting a flood of interested prospects to your profile allows you to put your best foot forward for free, which means you have the opportunity to build your reputation on the basis of impactful service to your fellow man.

  • Generating tons of reviews on autopilot opens the door to create 2-way dialogue, which means we can truly connect with our people and strengthen our know/like/trust factor.

  • Being at the very top of the search results increases visitors to your site exponentially, resulting in many more reviews than your competitors and identifying your brand as the ‘go-to’ source in your market.

  • Being recognized as the leader in your market means an increase of interest from new prospects, resulting in greater amounts of ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising which is the best and least expensive form of advertising.

  • Quickly responding to positive and negative reviews increases your ranking and reputation, which means your brand name is increasing in social status in your market.

  • Supercharging your Business Profile in the searches and in Maps allows you to be omnipresent, increasing your brand's reputation.

In my 15+ years of experience in the online marketing space, I can honestly say that this is one of the quickest, most effective, and least expensive ways to be in front of a perfect prospect - one who knows they have a problem and are actively seeking a solution.

I’ve spent 100s of hours, and 1000s of dollars over the years studying and testing the most effective ways to help SMBs gain a larger chunk of their marketplace.


But don’t just take my word for it. The simple fact that you’re here now proves it works. Google Map Pack listings work so well because they usually show up before organic results.


  • 84% of consumers conduct local searches.

  • 78% of local mobile searches result in an offline purchase.

  • 75% of people who conduct local searches visit a store that day, and 28% of those result in a purchase. (Wordstream)

Google Map Pack

What would happen if you were 1st in the local searches? How would it transform your brand?

Here’s what you’ll get when you get started with your Custom Google My Business Package today:

  • A complete profile, optimized for keywords and intent, making your brand the best listing in your market

  • Up to 5 pictures uploaded to your listing, helping you rank higher in the Map Pack

  • A unique offer added to your listing, giving you an opportunity to stand out to prospects

  • Three unique products/services optimized for increased listing strength; includes pictures and descriptions

  • Critical Information Audit: Name, Address, Phone Number, Website, Business Hours to increase the strength of your listing

  • A unique QR code so you can gather reviews quickly, and in multiple places on and offline

  • Manual submission to 10 high-authority directories so you can be found in more places and strengthen your Google Map Pack Listing


Total Value: $600+

If that isn’t enough to encourage you to get started right now, we’ll include:

  • A $70 coupon off the regular price (limited time offer)

  • A 15% ‘quick start’ discount on the first month of our monthly management package ($30 Value)

  • An extensive FREE Website Analysis ($100 Value)


Total Savings: $200

+ If you’re unhappy with your results after the first 14-days of implementation, for whatever reason, we’ll refund your money for the listing and you get to keep it. No strings attached.

P.S.: You can spend much more elsewhere for a lesser service. This introductory price of $200 won’t last forever, and the bonuses WILL disappear.

The "Competition"
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What is GMB?

GMB is short for " Google My Business".
"Google My Business" is a tool that enables you to manage and optimize your Business Profile on Google.

In an effort to be found more easily on Google, many businesses create a Google Business Profile. Something you may not know is that creating a Business Profile does not give you management over it, and you need management and editing capabilities if you want your Business Profile to work for you as an effective SEO and lead generation tool.

So how does one gain management over their Google Business Profile?
In addition to creating a free Business Profile, one must also separately create a free "Google My Business" account for that profile.

(Image Courtesy of WordStream)

What's A Google Business Profile, And How Is It Different Than A GMB?

Your Business Profile is Google’s term for your Google business listing. Business Profiles appear in Google Maps and in the local results of Google Search.

Creating a Business Profile is the same thing as adding a place to Google Maps—which is something that anyone (including a random stranger) can do.

The Business Profile is open to consumers to leave reviews, add photos, ask questions, and even answer questions.

So, a Business Profile can exist on its own, apart from a Google My Business account.
And whether you created your own Business Profile or not, you DON'T have the ability to manage the information or the reviews it collects.

By creating a Google My Business account, you can access, customize, manage, and enhance your Business Profile on Google.

Why Would I Want A GMB Listing?

"Google My Business" is not your Business Profile, but rather a tool by which you enhance your Business Profile to boost its visibility and effectiveness. Make your Google listing work for you. We know that marketing to everyone means marketing to no one. So then, who should we market to? Solution-seekers. These people have a problem and are actively looking for a solution. Where do I find solution-seekers? Wherever they seek answers. (Google)

  1. Ranking organically in the search results can be very competitive. It can be very time-consuming and slow.
  2. Advertising in Adworks can be very expensive due to competition.
  3. Having a Business Profile in the local search and Map Pack is practically free, easy to setup, and a great way to generate free traffic, leads, and sales.

Optimizing your Business Profile using 'Google My Business' is a smart way to quickly increase your rankings, generate more traffic, and serve more people.

What Are The Benefits Of A Well-Optimized GMB Listing?

Having a complete and optimized listings has MANY great benefits including:
1- Engage with consumers by responding to reviews, answering questions, enabling direct messaging, and setting up associated alerts.
You can even use "Google My Business" to publish posts to your Business Profile, like you would with other social media platforms.

2- Make your business stand out. A Business Profile alone contains limited information about your business. But with your GMB account, you can provide hours, a link to your website, products and pricing, attributes, and other details that make your business unique. 3- Gain key insights on your audience and local search performance. Imagine being able to see the keyword phrases customers are using to find your Business Profile. Imagine knowing if they found you on Maps or search. Imagine seeing a breakdown of actions taken on your listing. All things possible with 'Google My Business'.

4- Perform local SEO and rank your Business Profile at the top of the results - show up in the coveted 3-pack. Through your 'Google My Business' dashboard, you can utilize keywords into your Business Profile and perform other optimizations to help it rank in local results.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

Just about anyone can create a Business Profile in Google, whether they are a part of your organization or not - this service is FREE.

Creating a 'Google My Business' account allows a business to supercharge their Business Profile with massive benefits - this service is also FREE.
While there are marketing agencies out there offering the implementation and maintenance of 'Google My Business' accounts for clients, they tend to charge upwards of $400 as a one-time setup fee, plus several $100s more for maintenance every month. In USD, too. Since we're primarily dedicated to seeing small community businesses explode in growth, we'd rather make a smaller profit and build a long-term relationship.
As a one-time setup fee, we charge $270 CAD, and our monthly maintenance package is $200 CAD. We also pride ourselves on offering MORE services, for less, because we want to see you succeed as quickly as possible.

How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?

In a nutshell: you don't.

As with anything else in life, nothing is ever guaranteed.
One thing is certain, though. Doing nothing with just get you more of the same.

If it helps put your mind at ease, we DO offer a 14-day satisfaction guarantee on the listing itself.
If, for whatever reason, you're unhappy with the way things are unfolding, simply reach out to me and request a refund (within the first 14 days).
Whatever work was done to your listing is yours to keep.

**Please bear in mind that certain aspects of the service take more time to accomplish, since we're doing manual work.
Also, if you only knew how few local businesses take advantage of 'Google My Business' (therefore making it easier and quicker for us to dominate) you'd jump all over this very quickly.

Can You Tell Me More About Directory Submissions?

Directory and Aggregator Submissions are fuel for the fire.

Creating an identical listing across online business directories are a great way to be found elsewhere, but also show Google that you're a reputable establishment.
Google tends to reward you by placing you higher in the rankings (amongst many other factors).
Not all directories are created equal and we only submit you to the best ones according to your specific business - those with high authority and value. Aggregator submissions push your business data to hundreds of sites at once and get your data into mobile apps and GPS services. Directory and Aggregator Submissions are an add-on option. Worth every penny though! They are 'final sale' and NON-REFUNDABLE.

What happens If I Have A Problem Or A Question?

Simply send me an email at eric@cabbitbranding.com

You can typically expect a response within 24 hours, and usually much quicker than that.
You can also reach me via chat from this website.

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