Here's What I Got...

How would you like to receive an actionable plan that commands incredible engagement, gets repeat business, creates an army of raving fans, and ensures insane customer loyalty...



I’d be happy to help you design a custom, “Brand Evangelism” action plan for your business. 

The first thing we'll do is find a 'quick win' in your current sales process.

A simple way to increase revenue RIGHT NOW.

Once done, I can help identify new, underserved, perfect audiences, and show you how to connect with them so you can get great CTRs, low bounce rates, but more importantly, increased 'average order value' (AOV) and 'lifetime value' (LTV).

In this new economy, the status quo is obsolete.

When you implement Brand Evangelism, you’ll be able to thrive; no matter the state of the economy.


You’ll be able to create more than a business, but a brand known to have a positive impact on its supporters.

Why would I offer to create this powerful plan with you for FREE?

I offer this service because I’m a consultant specializing in Brand Evangelism.

My driving focus is on helping great, unique, and ethical businesses exclusively - the type who operate in genuine servitude - so they can be remarkable, attract better sales, offer premium pricing, and be remembered for the right reasons.

Here's What It'll Do For You:

The best part is, activating this style of marketing is simpler than you think, AND it’s profitable for everyone involved - your business, clients and customers, and the local community.


There’s a fantastically good possibility that your market has a large pocket of underserved consumers, who would be very responsive to the ‘action plan’ we’ll be laying out. 

Brand Evangelism helps identify not only your target market but activates the evangelists who go forth and praise your great name, converting everyone in their path!

Traditional marketing tends to offer ‘blanket’ solutions to a general audience.


We’ll highlight the ways you can be remembered and create genuine loyalty with your existing customers.

As we already know, it’s a lot easier to sell something to a repeat customer than a new one.

We’ll look at your tangible assets like your website, channels, lists, and sales process, and what kind of numbers they’re generating.


And if you find the plan I create for you valuable, you might wish to become a client.

If this is the case, my rates start at 1200$ per month.



With that said, please understand that the ‘action plan’ we’re talking about is NOT a sales pitch in disguise.

I’ve worked in sales before, and it is NOT an enjoyable atmosphere.


I promise not to pressure you or try to convince you to buy anything... 

All I want to do is show you how powerful Brand Evangelism can be for you.
Should you feel that working together just doesn't seem plausible, you'll be able to take this plan we've created together and implement it on your own.

In fact, if you feel I’ve wasted your time… I’ll make it up to you.

In the unlikely event you feel I’ve wasted your time, let me know and I’ll immediately send you a steady stream of targeted traffic to whichever page you want - as a form of compensation. 


But before we go any further, you need to know that I can’t help everyone. I can only be of help to businesses who:

  • Endorse great products and services

  • Have a code of ethics that encompass honesty, integrity, genuine servitude, and the will to have a positive impact on their communities

  • Are willing and able to advertise

  • Open to trying a new approach

  • Take action implementing these new approaches


I wouldn’t say this is for beginners.

Your business has to have been up-and-running for a little while.


You need to be generating at least $150,000 in annual revenue, have a list of at least 1500 people, and offer a decent range of low, medium, and even high-ticket products or services. 

You’re doing ‘OK’, but you’ve plateaued, or you wanna take your company to the next level.


You want to create a brand, not just a business.

Here's What You Should Do Next:

If this describes you, then perhaps we should talk.

If all of this checks out, here’s what to do next: schedule your planning session with me.


Simply click the BIG GREEN BUTTON below.

You’ll see a form with a few questions about your business and what you’re looking to accomplish.

Not to worry - nothing intrusive, and always kept confidential.


Once I have that information, I’ll do a little market research for you.


Then, I’ll be in touch to set up a time to go over it together.


You’ll have a roadmap you can use to generate more revenue and create a legion of fanatics, whether we work together or not.


So, to recap very quickly:

  • I’m offering a free, Brand Evangelism ‘action plan’

  • The benefits of my help are: identify your perfect audience, and show you how to connect with them so you can get great CTRs, low bounce rates, increase AOV and LTV, improve email open rates, more sales, and increase brand loyalty.

  • I’m doing this because it’s how I can help spread brand evangelism, and this is how I get clients.

  • NOT a telephone sales pitch. If we decide to have a chat and put this plan together… once we’re done... If you feel it was a waste of time, I’ll give you free traffic.

  • I can’t do this for everyone. 

  • ONLY IF: you have a great product/service, are ethical, genuinely want to serve people, have a positive impact on your communities, are honest, and exercise integrity. 

  • ONLY IF: you’re willing to advertise, and are open to trying a new approach; and 

  • ONLY IF: you actually implement and take action…  This part is important

  • Click the button, fill out the short application.

  •  I’ll review it and if I can help, I’ll be in touch to schedule a call where we can ‘lay out’ this action plan.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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