Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition

Brand Awareness Strategy

How To Develop Brand Recognition. Quickly

In A Nutshell: Positioning, Content, SEO, and Syndication

Positioning: When looking at my marketplace, which audience do I seek to serve?
What are their Problems, Desires, Fears, & Values?
Being very clear on these traits can result in more engagement, more leads, and more sales.

Content: Now that we're familiar with the WHO, we can set out to serve them as best we can. Helping someone for free often has the side effect of creating likability & trust.
Doing so can result in brand loyalty and word-of-mouth.

SEO: Now that the right audience knows we exist, we need to ensure they can find us. While search engine optimization isn't the quickest method in generating targeted traffic, setting up a foundation for your brand is critical for the long term.

Being found quickly and easily can result in a boost of free, targeted traffic as well as an increase in credibility.

Syndication: Having helpful content out there helps to position your brand as one that genuinely cares. But that's only the beginning. Distribution is required to have a larger impact. Syndicating your helpful content and having it redirect to your 'home on the web' can result in a flood of new traffic, as well as credibility, and even higher rankings in the search engines.

Brand Evangelism not only helps grab attention and generate awareness, increase your sales process, and identify and market to new, untapped markets but it activates the evangelists who go forth and praise your great name, converting everyone in their path!


Let me create a custom Brand Evangelism plan for you to implement whether we work together or not!