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Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing Strategy

How To Do Brand Marketing. Differently

In A Nutshell: Minimum Viable Audience, Cabbit, Reputation

Minimum Viable Audience: Traditional thinking would encourage us to seek out large audiences to which we can market our products. The idea is that we know a certain percentage will buy on the spot - and 2% of a huge audience is better than 2% of a small one. What if instead, we found the smallest audience possible when profits are still attainable? Could we then get 10, 20, or even 50% of people to buy right away?
Targeting the smallest viable audience can have us stand out, be remembered, and deliver an experience all our competitors have overlooked, thus increasing engagement, CTRs, leads, and sales.

Cabbit: While our competitors are targeting larger audiences, they must offer more generic products, to please more people. Having decided to niche down and serve a minimum viable audience, we have the opportunity to create something unique; something remarkable; something worth talking about.
Creating a Cabbit for an MVA can generate word-of-mouth advertising within tight communities of like-minded individuals thus increasing free traffic, leads, and sales.

Reputation: We tend to do business with those we know, like, and trust. Makes perfect sense. You would never buy expensive jewelry at a discounted rate from a guy in an alleyway. Marketing your brand is no different. Using resources such as testimonials, reviews, and engagement allows us to display confidence.
A focus on increasing trust with our audience(s) can increase engagement, leads, and sales, while decreasing CTRs, CPL, and ad spend.

Brand Evangelism not only helps grab attention and generate awareness, increase your sales process, and identify and market to new, untapped markets but it activates the evangelists who go forth and praise your great name, converting everyone in their path!


Let me create a custom Brand Evangelism plan for you to implement whether we work together or not!