What is the key value proposition of Google Search campaigns?


What is the key value proposition of Google Search campaigns?

Answer: To show your ads when a customer or prospect is searching for your product(s) or service(s)

Google Search's key value proposition is to allow you to show ads in its top positions, on its top pages, when a customer or prospect has entered a search term for your product(s) and/or service(s). 

Google Ads wants to help you connect with the ideal people, at the perfect time, with the right message.
Your ads can appear in a few places, including Google Search, YouTube, and more.

  • Your ads may take the form of text, video, or a banner on one of Google's partner sites.
ex.: Say you sell supplements... You can have a banner ad for a sale of your products on other supplements-related websites that belong across a partner site of Google's.

  • Google Search campaigns allow you to influence organic search results.
ex.: Say you sell supplements... Organic search results for "supplements" are all similar and generic in their marketing message. You create a Google Search campaign targeting the keyword "supplement", but your marketing message reads "brain-activating boosters for improved memory". Your competitors notice this and decide to tweak their message in order to remain competitive and/or relevant.

  • You have the ability to reach people on the world's BIGGEST search engine (by a lot!) that might be interested in your brand, regardless of what they're searching for.
ex.: Say you sell supplements... Your brand is well-known amongst mountain bikers for your supplements' obvious cardiovascular benefits. You could create a Search campaign targeting people searching for "hypertension", and not just "mountain biker booster".

Thanks to search engines, we have a countless quantity of details and information available to us at the touch of a button. It's hard to think of how life was like before such simple access to info. 

So much so, that Google has actually become synonymous with the web.
It's been visited over 62 billion times in 2019 alone!

We're all continuously curious. That's why search engines exist: to make our lives easier and to satiate our continuous thirst for details.

What is the key value proposition of Google Search campaigns?
To ensure that you spend your marketing dollars HERE, instead of elsewhere - or at least ensuring you spend a fair portion of your marketing budget with them.

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