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Double sales in 30 days or less WITHOUT reinventing the wheel or investing 100s of dollars.


Eric is a marketer and brand strategy consultant who will help you implement a version of "word of mouth" advertising on steroids!

He helps entrepreneurs, brands and businesses connect with audiences on an emotional level so they can better serve them.

There is no 'one size fits all' approach, and together you'll be able to deliver offers that fulfill a core desire to your marketplace. 

With delight and glee, Eric will assist you in promoting your gospel to the masses and find your next brand evangelists, wherever they congregate.

Generate more leads and sales consistently by using proven, tested and successful sales scripts.
Generate effective sales materials quickly and efficiently, allowing your brand to lead the marketplace.

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Premium Quality

Getting lots of new customers is a breeze, especially when you let an expert do it for you.
Never struggle with writing a sales letter, video script, sales email or ad again, and increase sales numbers.

Increase time-on-site, rankings and lower bounce rates by having your very own unique and SEO-optimized content.
Improved brand awareness and a positive reputation of delivering value are other beneficial side effects.


Viral Leads Campaign

One of the cheapest, most effective, and easiest ways to get engagement, leads, and sales - whether you're a brand, a business, or an entrepreneur.
Whatever your industry, product, or service!

SEO-Friendly YouTube Video

YouTube videos are not only great to educate and deliver value to your prospects, but when properly-optimized they can increase rankings.
Add them to blog posts, feature them on your YouTube channel or share them across your social channels.

Kind Words From Clients

"...I was so impressed with his work.
One thing that I loved about working with Eric was his attention to detail and ability to communicate the message I was looking for to attract my ideal client.


He is very professional and prompt... What stood out the most for me was how personable he was and he truly cares about you having a successful ad that attracts leads! 

Thanks Eric!"

-Leslie R. | Get Fit With Les

"Eric is a very talented motivated individual, coworker and friend.


I'm an animator, actor and graphic designer, and Eric has given me the opportunity to showcase that to a target audience and figure out ways to get out there and get known.


I can't thank and appreciate him enough.

I'd recommend his service to anyone that has a strong passion and needs focus, new direction or perspective."

-Pavel L. | PizzaGym

"Hi Eric, I wanted to let you know how satisfied and grateful I am of your service.


The quality of your work is beyond what I had expected. 


You have a lot of knowledge and you go beyond and above to share it and to make sure I get the results I am looking.


Thank you for all you do and continue to do to getting my business recognized."

-Nicole B. | GOTU Gifts & Decor

"Working with Eric has been an incredibly positive experience for both my business, and my person.

Not only is his energy contagious, but his ability to tie ideas together to create real results for small businesses, is nothing short of impressive.


If you're considering working with Eric, I fully endorse him.

When it comes to digital marketing and strategy, you can tell that this guy has put the work in, and is committed to applying his knowledge and energy into YOUR business. Would definitely recommend.

Thanks again brother!"

-Josh J. | Wealth Of Self Development
Brand Evangelism: It's word-of-mouth advertising on steroids!

It's having a loyal following, a tribe, or a group of die-hard fans who praise your company's products and services.

They are so crazy about your stuff they try to convert the non-believers and are known to be the best kind of 'word-of-mouth' marketing out there.
Don't Get Left Behind!

The world is quickly becoming a different place, and that's a good thing!
Just look at how often we're bombarded with marketing messages every single day...


Mass marketing started when big industries were created to produce mass-market products we needed.
Now that we have everything we NEED, we've adapted to tune out messages aimed at generic, mass markets.
We will, however, notice something that fills a 'WANT'.

As a brand, we must adapt, or get left behind.

Building a brand is not only more cost-effective but a better, humane way to be of service.

marketing consultant


"Brand Evangelism not only helps grab attention and generate awareness, increase your sales process, and identify and market to new, untapped markets but it activates the evangelists who go forth and praise your great name, converting everyone in their path!"


Let me create a custom Brand Evangelism plan for you to implement, whether we work together or not!